Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Janet Li for more information.

Organization Phone Number Information
Massachusetts General Hospital (617) 726-8540 Call for an appointment and to sign up for an orientation. Minimum 3 month commitment. NO shadowing opportunities. Evenings and weekends may be available.
Children's Hospital (617) 355-7885 Call for more information and orientation sign-up. Prefer a commitment of at least 1 semester, usually 6 months, although you can do a 1-2 month period of intensive volunteering (like during IAP or the summer). Requires you to come in 4hrs/week at the same time. They are in need of daytime volunteers. It takes a few months to process the application, review the recommendations, and train the volunteer, so call a few months in advance.
Home Health and Hospice Care Slyvia Fohlin, (617) 381-7111 8-session training, usually in the evenings. You would be caring for terminally ill patients, often in their homes. Must be over 18 and have your own transportation.
Brighan and Women's Hospital Nelda Quigley, (617) 732-5998 Call to sign up for an orientation session, and bring resume. Usually requires 3-4hrs/week for 3-6 months. They have a special premed program in which, by the end, you may be able to shadow a doctor.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (617) 632-3307 Call for an interview. Usually 4hrs/week for at least 3 months. Volunteering and research opportunities
American Cancer Society 1-800-952-7664 Making strides against breast cancer (walk): Call for application.
Beth Israel Hospital (617) 735-3026 Call for an interview. Must commit to 4hrs/week for 1 semester. Depending on which department you're interested in, there will be a formal orientation session. For the ER there is a pre-orientation interview followed by a mandatory orientation session.
Cambridge Mental Health Association Mary Woodman, (617) 354-2275 Call for an application and interview. Usually ~8hrs/week for 1 year. You would work one-on-one (+supervision) with a patient.
Boston Rape Crisis Center Jordan Fox-Kemper, (617) 492-8306x16 Call for an interview and orientation. Orientation lasts an intensive 55hrs (MWR evenings 6:15-9:30). 1 yr commitment. Areas; Public Education, Medical or Legal Advocacy, Counseling, hot-line.
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Ruth Doyle, (617) 573-3163 Call for an application. Requires at least 1day/week for 4hrs over 3months (or a semester). Areas: Holding and recovery, pre-op, post-op. It is like working in a mini OR, you would be working in the room alongside doctors and nurses. Orientations are conducted on an individual basis.
Mt Auburn Hospital Jan Ankerson, (617) 499-5665 ext 3475 Call for an application, interview and orientation. Requires 2-4hrs/week for 3months. Can work during the week, evenings, or weekends. Most volunteers work in the ER, though there are other areas to choose from. Orientations conducted on individual basis.
New England Medical Center Melissa Hubbard, (617) 636-1377 Call for an appointment. Orientations are held every month on Tuesday or Thursdays. Requires 4hrs/week with a minimum of 50hrs total. Areas: ER (weekdays, evenings, or weekends), Pediatrics weekdays, evenings, or weekends)
Boston Medical Center Sharon Baker, (617) 414-5122 Call for an interview/orientation. Requires minimum 2 month commitment. Areas: all areas, can work evenings or weekends if position is open. Orientations held twice a month, or on Mondays by appointment.

Some Useful Links

MIT Externship Program -- Gain real world experience by working with MIT alumni.
MIT Public Service Center -- Many service opportunities through MIT
Volunteer Community Connection -- Volunteer opportunities throughout the country
Alpha Phi Omega -- Coed service fraternity
MIT Amnesty International -- Organized action against crimes against humanity
Circle K -- Coed collegiate service organization
Let's Get Ready! SAT Tutoring Program -- Test prep for underprivileged students
Hunger Action Food Salvage -- Volunteer at and collect food for soup kitchens