What is AMSA?

AMSA is a national association of medical and premedical students. At MIT, AMSA is the only organization dedicated to the premedical community, and one of the most active chapters in the region. We hold meetings and discussions with experts from varoius fields of Medicine each month, allowing members to better understand what the medical field is all about. MIT AMSA chapter has active memberships exceeding 400. Members also participate in service projects related to medicine.

To learn more, email

The MIT AMSA constitution can be found here.

Get involved on the Exec Board

Each year, AMSA designates one position on the Executive Board to a freshman, as Officer-At-Large. This could be YOU!

As an officer, you will be working with AMSA in making decisions and planning events, and have a say in everything we do. For more information, come to the Activities Midway in September and find out.