AMSA Peer Advising

List of Peer Advisors with Biographies

AMSA Peer Advising allows underclassmen to seek advice from upperclassmen peers as a supplement to academic advising at MIT. Peer advisors are designated juniors and seniors in good academic standing who know how to balance academic and extracurricular workloads, have positive and encouraging attitudes, and most importantly, enjoy helping others succeed as students at MIT.

For advice from medical students, please see our MIT-Medical Student Mentor Program.

Upperclassmen who are interested in becoming peer advisors can fill out an application. Underclassmen and students seeking advice do not need to complete any application to be involved in AMSA Peer Advising.

Peer Advising Office Hours

Any current MIT student may attend. Attendees can ask for help planning academic schedules, succeeding in specific courses, or dealing with certain teaching styles. Premed students can ask focused questions about how to balance activities with major-specific course loads. This is also an opportunity to hear from peer advisors about their own experiences in the medical school application process. These are just a few suggested topics; feel free to seek counsel on any relevant experience or subject matter. Although office hours are geared toward underclassmen, upperclassmen may find them helpful as well and are welcome to attend.

We intend peer advising office hours to be not only a source of academic advice, but also a regular, informal meeting place of the premedical community at MIT. Students are encouraged to socialize and meet peers from all majors and backgrounds who share in the premed experience.

Currently, office hours will be held about once a month. All majors with peer advisors will be represented.

To stay informed about the times and locations of peer advising office hours, please email and ask to be added to the AMSA mailing list. You may also email this list with any other questions you have.

To become a peer advisor, please fill out an application. Underclassmen and those seeking advice do not need to apply. This application is only for upperclassmen who wish to become peer advisors.